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Celebrating our 60 Yrs of Excellent



Our History

In the early 1940’s and at the age of 19, Jose Oscar Alvarez, Sr. was offered a dispatcher job working for Mr. John Spindel in his U.S. Customs brokerage firm (American Customs Brokers, Co. – Laredo, Texas). Through the years Oscar moved up the ranks and became the office manager of American Brokers. Soon after, Oscar was called upon to do his duty in World War II. After his stint in the Army, Oscar came back to American Brokers only to find Mr. Spindel in poor health. After a few years of deteriorating health, Mr. Spindel offered Oscar to take over the business. Oscar then studied, took, and passed his U.S. Customs Broker exam in 1957. At that time there were only a handful of U.S. Customs Brokers in Laredo, Texas.

That same year Mr. Jose Oscar Alvarez Sr. established the J.O. Alvarez, Co. The main commodities that the company handled at the time were fruits and cotton. His work ethic along with his charm and humor helped him gain the respect of U.S. Customs officials, Mexican Customs Brokers and transportation executives. Before he knew it, Oscar had formed long lasting friendships and important alliances.

Later in 1970, Oscar’s son-in-law and sons began to receive their Customs Broker License’s and joined the business:

  • Roberto Garza-Gongora (1979)
  • Jose Oscar Alvarez, Jr. (1981)
  • Sergio Alvarez (1987)
  • Eduardo Alvarez (1987)

J.O. Alvarez, Inc. moved to a larger facility that was completed in 1982. Since then J. O. Alvarez, Inc. has expanded to include 9 locations along the U.S. / Mexico border, with 2 locations in Mexico, along with an extra 140,000 sq. ft. of additional warehouse storage.

Company Profile

As a full service broker, J.O. Alvarez, Inc. will make certain your interests are protected every step of the way as your shipments cross the border and up until the goods reach the customer’s door. With agents through out the world, the foreign freight forwarding division of J.O. Alvarez, Inc. will coordinate your shipments through any country in the most cost efficient and professional manner.

Why J.O. Alvarez, Inc.?
  • proficient staff with over 60 years of experience
  • closely monitoring and relaying information concerning your shipments
  • accommodates open channels of communication
  • going beyond what is expected
  • doing the job right, the first time
  • responsible and personal attention

Three in-house licensed Customs Brokers and an experienced staff of friendly people is always ready to help you. You can trust J.O. Alvarez, Inc. to assist you time after time. Each dedicated staff member is available to assist you. Employee turnover is almost non-existent at J.O. Alvarez, Inc. Your account executives are carefully chosen to assist you according to your specific needs. Be assured that these professionals will consistently be at your service.


When working with J.O. Alvarez, Inc. our company becomes an extension of your company. You are represented by a well experienced family of licensed Customs Brokers. Respected throughout the United States and Mexico as pioneer/innovators in the import and export fields.


Going before U.S. Customs officials and other governmental agency officials – protecting the rights of importers is our duty.


Our customs brokerage professionals are well versed in the complex business of importing merchandise to and from the United States. This covers areas of transportation, merchandise classification, duty rates, assists, country of origin, marking, and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


A close relationship is attained when working with J.O. Alvarez, Inc.; one which guarantees integrity, trust and loyalty. We have established long-term relationships with major government agencies: FDA, USDA, U.S. Customs, and Fish and Wildlife.



To get from point A to point B, with all the complexity and international transactions involved, J.O. Alvarez, Inc. has developed partners to better suit your needs. Through us, or with their direct service, you can rest assured that together we make it happen.

Four Logistics, L.L.C.

Four Logistics develops tailored logistics services for all of our clients. Drawing their efforts towards the Mexican portion of logistics, they have grown to be experts in the field and offer the most competitive rates out there. Four Logistics has made it their goal to coordinate shipments among the most capable and reliable companies in Mexico.

Alvarez-Salinas Servicios de Logística, S.C.

Alvarez-Salinas offers customers superb Mexican Brokerage service. Their staff of professionals is experienced and dependable to go beyond what is expected from a Mexican Customs Broker.

S.E. Transport, L.L.C.

S.E. Transport works with the most reputable carriers in the North American industry to provide customers with the most competitive rates in the market. Their customer service efforts along with superior tracking capabilities make S.E. Transport the most innovative freight company to distribute goods throughout the nation.

Border Alliance & Security Intelligence Center

BASIC was established to meet the growing demand for real time intelligence in the import/export and transportation arena and to counter the eminent threats affecting the supply chain. BASIC brings together the stakeholders to a platform where information can be shared freely between members to maintain “Situational Awareness”. BASIC operates in a secure environment accessible only to members who are industry professionals.

Certificates of Memberships