Copper coils are a big item for cargo theft



Cargo theft report shows more organized load heists

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer

Electronics, building supplies and food remained top targets for thieves in the months of March through May, even though organized crime is dipping into cargo theft more, a recent report says.

According to FreightWatch, an international cargo security firm, 185 cargo theft incidents were recorded between March and May, down from 215 incidents during the same time period last year.

The most targeted products, FreightWatch said, were copper, steel, aluminum, laptops, televisions, computers, audio equipment, chicken, beef, candy and frozen food.

Comparing spring 2011 to spring 2010, the number of theft incidents involving multiple trailers stolen at a time increased by 50 percent.

States were led yet again by California, which tallied 43 cargo theft incidents between March and May, ahead of Florida (30), Georgia (16), New Jersey (14) and Texas (11).

For more information, visit FreightWatch’s website.

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