R.G. Edmonson | Sep 27, 2011 3:53PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online – News Story

Officials will receive detailed reports on goods, allowing quicker cargo release times

Customs and Border Protection officials said Monday it will launch a “simplified entry” pilot project, the first step in a move to expedite the entry of goods into the U.S. in exchange for detailed import data at least one full day in advance.

The project, the result of an agreement between the trade and Commissioner Alan Bersin, permits qualified importers to submit entry data on cargo well in advance of its arrival at U.S. ports, at which point Customs can release the goods.

Simplified entry combines elements of the Importer Security Filing rule with the entry document itself, effectively eliminating one step in the traditional process. Customs began enforcing the ISF rule, also known as 10+2, in 2010. It requires importers to report 10 data elements – and carriers two elements – about the cargo no later than 24 hours before it leaves a foreign port.

The new process will require additional information, including a Harmonized Tariff Code number to 10 digits, where ISF requires six, an estimated value and entry number. Simplified entry filers will not have to coordinate their data with carriers, which must report the vessel stowage plan and container status messages.

The pilot program will be limited to importers with Tier II or III status in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, and a continuous bond. Customs intends to expand the program in the future, and include simplified release for air cargo.

Officials said a date has not been set for the start of the pilot program, but that the date will soon be announced in a Federal Register notice.

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