Celebrating our 65th anniversary!

This year, we are celebrating our 65th anniversary!

In the early 1940’s and at the age of 19, our Founder, Jose Oscar (J.O.) Alvarez, Sr. was offered a dispatcher job working for Mr. John Spindel in his U.S. Customs brokerage firm (American Customs Brokers, Co. – Laredo, Texas). Through the years Mr. Alvarez, moved up the ranks and became the office manager of American Brokers. Soon after, Mr. J.O. Alvarez was called upon to do his duty in World War II. After his stint in the Army, Mr. Alvarez, came back to American Brokers only to find Mr. Spindel in poor health. After a few years of deteriorating health, Mr. Spindel offered Mr. Alvarez to take over the business. Mr. Alvarez, then studied, took, and passed his U.S. Customs Broker exam in 1957. At that time there were only a handful of U.S. Customs Brokers in Laredo, Texas.

That same year Mr. J.O. Alvarez Sr. established the J.O. Alvarez, Inc.! Mr. Alvarez’s work ethic along with his charm and humor helped him gain the respect of U.S. Customs officials, Mexican Customs Brokers and transportation executives. Before he knew it, Mr. Alvarez, had formed long lasting friendships and important alliances!

Today, we fast forward to 65 years later where J.O. Alvarez, Inc. is an essential partner to our clients and the international trade community by providing expert customs brokerage, distribution, freight forwarding and global logistics services through excellent customer service and innovative supply chain systems.


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