Cold Storage

J.O. Avarez, Inc. – Cold Point

We at J.O. Alvarez, Inc. continue to push expansion and innovation in order to better server our customers. We are happy to announce we are building a new state of the art cold room which should be done later this year. Take a look and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

  • 45,500 Sq Ft of Cold Storage space
  • 15 Cold Room Doors
  • Compartmentalized for different temperatures
  • 2/47 Security Personelle
  • 32 HD Security Cameras
  • Centrally located between both Laredo Bridges

The right technologies managed by the right team.

With a relentless focus to improve customer satisfaction and offer a more comprehensive range of warehousing solutions, J.O. Alvarez introduces its newest state of the art cold storage room.

The 7,700 Sq. Ft. of computerized climate-controled warehouse space provides multi-temperature capabilities compliant with the most rigorous handling requirements.

Our Top quality cold storage offers features and functionality that meet virtually any need, including:
  • Six doors equipped to minimize air exchange during high traffic
  • Enclosded unit to safeguard the most sensitive products
  • Wide range of temperatures from 33F to 70F
  • Pallet Racks
Committed to maintaining cold chain integrity.

J.O. Alvarez applies the highest level of responsibility and decades of experience to the delicate operation of getting your product where it needs to go in perfect conditions.

More demanding standards to preserve the quality of the products challenge the traditional distribution methods and only the right teams can respond to it. J.O. Alvarez operates with firm processes in place and an emphasis on efficiency, security, and safety.