The Mexican treasury secretary, Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña acknowledged that criminal organizations have used the trade logistics chain for inserting and removing Mexican narcotics, weapons, ammunition, cash and pirated goods.

“In the Mexican Customs entry points the country has witnessed these criminal organizations have sought to exploit the supply chain of our foreign trade in order to insert and remove narcotics, weapons, ammunition, cash and articles of piracy.”

He accepted that this situation severely damages the national economy and health of Mexicans and forced to increasingly invest in security, to counter the impact of unscrupulous criminal organizations, he said, looking to get rich illegally.

“Mexicans, increasingly, we had to invest to avoid being victimized by unscrupulous criminal organizations seeking to enrich themselves illegally, and as we are concerned with logistics and improve the responsiveness of the state in different areas, we have also had to invest in improving the logistics, equipment and how we prepare ourselves to live up to the challenge of combat criminal organizations whose business model and scale is also changed. ”

The Treasury Secretary addressed the issue during the presentation of New Diagram of Certified Companies that put into operation the Tax Administration Service, which aims to maximize the security of the logistics chain of international trade.


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