Napolitano Visits Mexican Border to Talk Security

Posted: Jul 24, 2013 12:13 AM CDTUpdated: Jul 24, 2013 12:28 AM CDT

By Jonathan Ward – email

Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano

Brownsville, Texas (Tucson News Now) – Outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano addressed security operations on the Mexican border with Texas Tuesday afternoon. Napolitano met with Mexican authorities in Matamoros, Mexico to discuss cooperation between the two countries in securing the border region.

Napolitano says the plan is to enforce a border with the best manpower, infrastructure and technology. “We are executing an agreement on sharing some communications technology that will allow us to have the greater sharing of secured information between law enforcement on both sides of the border. It’s really part and parcel of our entire joint effort to have a 21st century border that is represented by shared responsibility for public safety and security along the entire border as well as the facilitation of legitimate travel and trade along a border which is the most frequently crossed border in the world on a daily basis.”

Addressing the threat posed by powerful Mexican drug-smuggling organizations, Napolitano also said, “I think the cartels have distribution fingers and fingertips that go throughout the United States and reach into every state in the union. That’s why these are joint problems. These are joint threats. These are joint risks. That’s why when we combine forces and address them jointly we are stronger. So when we talk about partnership, we’re not just throwing out the word. This is real meat on the bone. It’s communications. It’s shared patrols along the Southwest border for the first time. It’s joint risk assessment along the border. It’s training. It’s the sharing of equipment. All of those things go into really increasing the law enforcement and the rule of law on both sides of the border.”

Following the meeting, the former governor of Arizona signed a document to expand the U.S.-Mexico cross border security communications network.

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