New Global Strategy Set by FDA


2011 July 27

by Integration Point Global Trade News Team

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a report entitled Pathway to Global Product Safety and Quality that puts in place a new global strategy designed to address the challenges caused by a complex global supply chain and rapidly growing imports of FDA-regulated products. Currently, FDA-regulated products account for about 10% of all imports into the US, arriving from more than 300,000 facilities in 150 different countries. The growth in imports has been rapid and promises to accelerate with the world economy being shaped by various distinct forces in
the decade ahead, including rise of emerging markets, scarcity of natural resources, and increased flow of capital, information and goods across borders.

With all this in mind, the report calls for the FDA to change how it conducts business and act globally in order to promote and protect US consumers’ health. According to the report, to accomplish this change, the agency needs to partner with other government agencies around the world to create global coalitions of regulators that focus on ensuring and improving global product safety and quality. In turn, this coalition would develop international data information systems and networks while increasing the regular and proactive sharing of data and regulatory resources across world markets.

In this report, the FDA noted that is also intends to:

  • Build in additional information gathering and analysis capabilities with an increased focus on risk analytics and information technology
  • Leverage the efforts of public and private third parties and those in the industry
  • Allocate FDA resources based on risk
  • Continue partnering with other federal agencies, in the US and in nations across the world
  • Look to the US Congress to provide additional tools for the agency to keep pace with globalization
  • Broaden food safety efforts under the US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

This new strategic outlook focuses on emerging trends and builds on changes already set in motion by the FDA.

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