Trade also Advocates Addressing C-TPAT’s Inconsistencies

According to CBP, strengthening and increasing membership in the C-TPAT was high on the to-do list for many of the trade stakeholders as one key to a more efficient border.

Members of the new U.S.-Canadian business organization, Businesses for a Better Border—known as B3—praised C-TPAT and noted that working together to address the remaining “inconsistencies” would “improve competitiveness.”

Bersin Proposes Committee to Improve Dealing with OGAs at Ports

Despite C-TPAT’s successes in expediting clearance, many of the trade representatives discussed the difficulties that remain when dealing with other U.S. government agencies (OGAs) at the ports of entry. To figure out how to align all of the information needs of all federal partners, Commissioner Bersin proposed establishing a private sector committee to advise the Border Interagency Executive Council.

Trade Voices Strong Support for Full ACE Funding

At the roundtables, stakeholders voiced support for full funding of ACE and the Commissioner emphasized CBP’s seriousness about ACE.

Bersin Proposes CBP-Trade Group to Address FTZ Processes in ACE

Representatives from the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones asked that processes specific to foreign trade zones (FTZs) be included in the ACE design. Commissioner Bersin agreed, and added that the special requirements of FTZs may need special automated tools. He proposed a CBP-industry working group to address those particular needs.

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