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U.S. and Mexico Customs Brokerage

Offering U.S. and Mexican brokerage services provides you with a seamless cross-border experience when it comes to importing and exporting merchandise through customs ports. Our proficient staff goes beyond what is expected to provide you with the finest dependable service there is. J.O. Alvarez, Inc. is respected throughout the United States and Mexico as pioneers/innovators in the import and export fields. Going before U.S. Customs officials and other governmental agency officials – protecting the rights of importers is our duty. Our customs brokerage professionals are well versed in the complex business of importing merchandise to and from the United States. Your interests are represented by a well experienced family of licensed Customhouse Brokers.

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Storage Facilities

A total 140,000 Sq. Ft. of Storage Space with around the clock high resolution surveillance, and on site guards. Including 5,000 Sq. Ft of bonded warehouse space, and 100,0000 Sq. Ft. of food grade warehouse.

Cold Storage Facilities

With a relentless focus to improve customer satisfaction and offer a more comprehensive range of warehousing solutions, J.O. Alvarez introduces its newest state of the art cold storage room.

The 7,700 Sq. Ft. of computerized climate-controled warehouse space provides multi-temperature capabilities compliant with the most rigorous handling requirements.

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Distribution Center

We are capable of managing your shipments to custom specifications; from customized pick and pack, physical and digital inventories, to labeling and more.

Cross Docking

We have 18,000 Sq. Ft of dock space with the capacity to spot 62 trailers for transloads. This includes a temperature controlled facility required for certain commodities, while offering specialized services like cranes for oversized loads. Our Dock includes rail access for a total of 11 docked rail cars.

Secure Yard for Trailer Storage

We consist of 9 acres of secure yard available for trailer storage, with around the clock high quality surveillance, trailer inspections, and check-ins and outs.



We have become the experts in C-TPAT since our validation in 2003. We offer consulting from the registration to maintenance on the account after validation. We have provided our service to over 40 entities in the U.S. and Mexico to get them certified and validated. We are present during our customer’s CBP validation visit to address any issues that may arise.

FDA Import Alert Management

We specialize in having products removed from FDA Import Alert. We coordinate shipments, lab sampling, analysis and filing the petition with FDA. We have an FDA attorney to assist with the cases and to have FDA expedite the removals.


We assist in all matters on shipments that are subject to USDA. We also process permits for importers.

Customs Compliance

We handle any type of customs compliance issues for our customers to include, Protest, Request for Information, RECON, and petitions. We also deal directly with CBP on behalf of our customers to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Risk Management

Current violence situations in Mexico have forced exporters to take a second look at their security posture. We help our customers minimize their risk by providing security consulting and by performing a risk assessment of their supply chain. Our risk assessment format has been recognized by CBP as a “Best Practice” for C-TPAT.


When you ship with us you’re shipping with confidence knowing we provide you with freight service backed by experts who get the job done. Regardless of the amount of freight you need to move or where you need to move it, our efficient solutions make it all simple. Whether it’s truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL), air freight, or intermodal, J.O. Alvarez, Inc. is your answer.

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